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Krazy Good Seafood & Chicken

Coming Soon Summer 2024!

Experience our twist on Cajun Seafood Boil, Fried Seafood with "Krack Seasoning", or Crispy Chicken dipped in our signature Krazy Hot Fire Sauce.

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Seafood Seasoning and Spice Level

All our seafood boils are tossed in a fresh garlic butter sauce. You can choose our popular House Sauce with varying spice levels or any of the traditional seasonings below.

House Sauce Mild - Just a touch of heat

House Sauce Hot - I like it spicy !

House Sauce Extreme - If you enjoy PAIN !


Garlic Butter Sauce

Lemon Pepper

Old Bay


Krazy Hot Fire & Dipping Sauces

We all need some spice in our lives, and so does your chicken. Give your chicken sandwich, wings, tenders, or boneless thighs a bath in our signature Krazy Hot Fire Sauce.

Mild - Call me CHICKEN !

Hot - I’m Feelin BRAVE !

Krazy Hot - What am I DOING !

KG dipping sauce options:

Krazy Sauce

Hot Honey


Honey Mustard


Louisianna Hot Sauce


Krack Seasoning

Our Krack Seasoning takes your food to the next level by adding  a savory zing to both our fried seafood or fried chicken items, but be careful, it can become very addicting !